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The video installation DISSONANCE is a single channel video piece created using footage collected on the Greenland ice sheet in the summer of 2019, the hottest on record. In the midst of the climate crisis the piece focuses on the dissonance of the bodily experience of this otherworldly and rapidly changing environment. The footage centers around the artist’s interactions with sparkling melt water as she labors to hold onto small glistening pieces of ice as they melt against the heat of her fingers and hand. Segments of the piece ask you to register in slow motion the kinetic energies of ice from solid to liquid within the magnitude of the surrounding landscape. The interjection of the artist’s body serves as a conduit for the viewer’s experience and the subtle audio of the surrounding wind and water mixing with the sounds of long exhales of breath onto the lens and the crunch of foot steps on the icy surface, build into a meditative, enchanting but simultaneously loaded narrative. The slowed glitch-ing footage creates a surreal edge to the piece pointing back to impact mediating technologies have on our misunderstanding of this environment. All in all it is a reflection on our human vulnerability and our power to impact.

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