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January 14 - March 8, 2020 

The catalog Dissonance highlights a range of works produced between 2020 and Seely’s hire in the Studio Art Department at Dartmouth College in 2014. The exhibition included works from the projects: Markers of Time, Next of Kin, Species Impact, Terra Systema, the recent project in-progress, Perdita, In Finding(s) and showcased the video piece also entitled, Dissonance, filmed in the summer of 2019 on the rapidly melting Greenland ice sheet while traveling with Dartmouth’s Institute of Arctic Studies. Created during period of great cultural, political, photographic and environmental flux, collectively the exhibition showcase the complexity of more than a decade of Seely’s work as an artist dealing with most pertinent topic of our times. It form a conversation about sensing ourselves inside the realities of our contemporary relationship to the planet while simultaneously pointing back to photography's layered and complex cultural role in translating the realities of the human/nature relationship.


The catalog includes essays by colleagues: Jessica Hong, Curator of Global Contemporary at the Hood Museum / Ross Virginia, Director of the Institute for Arctic Studies / Professor of Environmental Science / Chad Elias, Professor of Art History focused on contemporary art.


Published: 2020

Publisher: Dartmouth College 

Binding: Softcover, perfect bound 

Essays: Jessica Hong, Ross Virginia, Chad Elias 

Design: Glenn Suokko

Dimensions: 9 x 11 inches

Extent        32 pages

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