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Disturbance is a two room immersive audial/video installation focused on the dramatic recurrent audial interruptions that disrupt natural sonic environments generated by large-scale industrialized manmade machines functioning as part of a complex worldwide networks of cargo vessels.


Using video works as support for (5:1) dimensional sound the piece is crafted from in-field audio recordings created with sound engineer Christopher Hedge of the thawing arctic winter-scape along the Anchorage Bay in Alaska that is rhythmically fractured by the sudden sonic blast of cargo jets taking off from a cliff overhead. This Arctic sounds are paired in conversation with recordings made from within the tropical equatorial rainforest of the slow, deep, build of drawn-out bass generated by massive cargo ships moving through the Panama canal.


Disturbance speaks to the present moment of ecological urgency. In line with the fact that we are increasingly experiencing reality and the natural world indirectly, the project reminds the audience of their bodily knowings establishing the direct body as the renewed site or conduit for information-registration and knowledge-gathering about the world.


The set of prints Disturbance: Air and Sea is designed in dialogue with the inverted video in the Disturbance installation. Visuals of cargo ships and flights sourced from each respective location are enmeshed with the ambient natural surroundings playing out a synesthetic mirroring of the sonic interplay of the manmade and natural in the piece. The inverted treatment of the images references the photographic languages of X-rays and medical imaging that help us decipher what’s beyond our biological visual abilities and the metallic surface of the prints subtly reference the entangled role oil plays in supporting this dominating economic system.

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