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In Examussim-aviam photographs taken on the artist’s first trip to the far north along the Aluetian chain in Alaska in the summer of 2009 depict the motion of migratory sea birds. Set within the digital language of cropping and adjustment the series attempts to translate the chaoticness of lives caught in motion. The grids and lines rendered in the prints were painstakingly calibrated to match the limits of the printer’s capabilities in order to establish a sense of precision and structured visual order. This points to the historical use in mathematics, science and military language where it inserts a sense of control and power when there is none. Simultaneously it draws up a familiar dialogue with photographic editing software pointing to our heavy reliance on mediation towards a comprehension (or inevitable miscomprehension) of the natural world. Despite the use of this language of organization and orientation, viewers are left feeling unbalanced, gazing into a bright blank sky full of a multiplicity of lives in the simultaneous interconenctive act of migration.

* At varying ratios around 25x27 Inches / Archival Inkjet Prints 

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